Decline in Facebook Usage for the College-aged

I came across an article this morning discussing the reported drop in Facebook usage among college-aged people. In September, time spent on Facebook among 18-24 year olds dropped by 16%, following a 13% drop in August, and a 3% drop in July. Buy why?

Some believe it could be a result of the influx of our parents. Their appearance is making it uncool. I agree with that to an extent. My boyfriend immediately deleted his account this summer when his mom added him as a friend. However, I have another argument.

Recently, I’ve been contemplating deleting, or at least deactivating for a while, my own Facebook account. I am in the process of applying to law schools, and I’m not sure the admissions board would like everything they could find. Not that there’s really anything that bad out there, it just makes me nervous. Earlier this week, a friend had a witty comment. While discussing the negative effect Facebook can have on our post-college success, she said, “I’m not that worried about it. It’s not like people are going to take pictures of me studying.” So true. So what if recruiters see pictures of us with drinks in our hands? If we still have great grades, what’s wrong with that? I think it’s more about the image projected by the drink in the hand. So, will I delete my account? I haven’t decided yet…but I’ll definitely be stalking myself for a while to make sure there’s nothing that could be too detrimental to my own image.


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