Facebook…cause of violence?

According to authorities in Calabasas, California, Facebook may be linked to the beating of a 12-year-old boy. Last Friday, a page on Facebook proclaimed the day “Kick a Ginger Day.” The page was was referring to redheads and could have resulted from an episode of South Park. The boy was beaten on two different accounts by seventh and eighth graders at his school.

If the Facebook page caused this behavior, it is a tragedy. However, this incident proves a point I’ve been trying to make for months. Facebook should have an age limit. Facebook started out for college students. Then it spread to adults, which actually really bothers me too, but at least adults are responsible for their actions. Kids this age just shouldn’t be allowed on the site. Had adults seen this page, they would have laughed at the joke. Not beaten their coworkers. This instance in California proves that they just aren’t mature enough.


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