Elf Yourself

For the past few Christmas seasons, I, along with the rest of Tuscaloosa, have spent hours upon hours on Elf Yourself. This site, sponsored by Office Max, allows your to put your and your friends’ faces on dancing elves. It is hilarious.

The site undoubtedly gets a lot of hits. However, how does this affect the bottom line at Office Max? I’m not really sure. In my experience, college students are well aware of Elf Yourself, while few adults are. And while I have no data, I would expect the key public of Office Max to be adults in the professional world, not college students. Also, using the site has not inspired me to go to Office Max, and I’m almost certain it hasn’t had that affect on any of my friends. Most don’t even know that it is affiliated with Office Max.

So, while the site has certainly provided me with quite a bit of entertainment, I’m not sure it’s really serving its purpose.


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