While brainstorming for topic for my final APR blog, I realized, why shouldn’t I just write about blogging??  Prior to this class, I attempted to write a few blogs, but I never really followed through with more than a few posts.  I enjoy journaling to clear my head, and I kind of feel like that’s what a blog is too.  But something kept me from writing my true thoughts and feelings…I wasn’t sure I wanted to share those things with the rest of the world.  What would people think of my writing?  How would the things I wrote change their perception of me?  I decided it would be much better to keep my journaling private, not open to all of the world.  In reality, it wasn’t the rest of the world  I was concerned about, more like my small little circle of friends in Tuscaloosa.  Even if I changed the names, my friends and everyone else who knew me, would easily be able to distinguish who I was referring to.  So, I settled back to journaling.  Then my computer crashed, and everything I have ever written disappeared with it.  I was devastated.  When my roommates and I moved into our house 2 years ago, I began documenting our stories.  They were funny, sad and entertaining.  I could seriously write a novel with all the things I had written, but more importantly, as silly as it seems, I wanted to be able to share those stories with our daughters when they get to college.  Now they’re all gone.  If I had been blogging all those stories instead, they would still be here.

Then I started this class, and I continued to be hesitant about sharing my thoughts with all of you.  It’s awkward at first!  But then I realized that it’s a forum for all of us to express our ideas and learn from each other.  These discussions will make all of us better PR people when we get into the work world.  And once you get settled, it really isn’t that scary.

So, am I ready to open up my journaling?  Not yet…but maybe soon.

One response to “Blogophobia

  1. Blogs started out as Web journals, but just like Twitter has evolved from a place where you answer the question, What are you doing?, blogs have evolved. Most now are a mix of information, news, opinion. But you can still use it to journal. Just set the settings so that search engines won’t find it. Can’t you do that? Then just give out the URL to people you trust.

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