Air Force One creates chaos in NY

Yesterday, a presidential plane created fear and chaos in Manhattan when, followed by a smaller plane,  it circled the city, flying lower than some buildings for a photo shoot.  While low-flying planes may not create much of a disruption in most U.S. cities, you can only imagine the terror it caused residents of NY who are still scared by the events of 9/11.

Mayor Bloomberg immediately expressed outrage.  While the flight was approved and local police had been informed, the citizens had not.  In an interview on the Today Show, President Obama also claimed he found about the event when the rest of America did.

A simple PR campaign could have easily prevented this issue.  Who was the genius who thought one wasn’t needed???

Click here to read more about the event.

One response to “Air Force One creates chaos in NY

  1. Sometimes you wonder where people’s heads are. Do what do you think the guy who okayed it do? Do you think he should resign?

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